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Begur city

Positioned at the heart of the Empordà district, the town of Begur and its beaches are one of the most wonderful spots on the Costa Brava. The municipality is made up of a number of hills known as the Begur Massif, and a stretch of coastline lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean. Thanks to its location providing the marvelous views on the landscape around, the beaches, seaside or parts of the city. Both Begur old town, with the numerous landmarks that represent the legacy of key points in its history, and the small Romanesque settlement of Esclanyà, make up a setting of unrivalled landscape.

Begur is a town with a profound sense of history. Protected by the mediaeval castle, coral collectors, fishermen, returned colonists and cork makers have written the splendid pages of a history reflected on every street, in every house and corner of the town. The most famous image of Begur is undoubtedly the mediaeval castle that overlooks the town, Es Castell.  At the foot of this hill there is a little square St. Ramon with the little chapel and the view to the seaside with the rocky islands Illes Medes, Pyrenees and French coastline and the hills.

There are plenty of "Indies" houses (built in the colonial style by townsfolk who emigrated to the Americas in the 19th century, fleeing the economic crisis of the era, and subsequently returned from the colonies with a considerable fortune), the 16th-century defensive towers (a legacy of the period when pirates sailed the Mediterranean, built by the people of Begur to protect themselves against attack), the church (built in the Gothic style and dedicated to St Peter).

Begur has an great strategical position enabling a numerous sports and culture activities. Laying directly over the sea Begur offers water fun, beach relax for sure. In the same time you could admire beauty of the Pyrenees and ski on the slopes within one and half hour of drive. For those more demanding the visit of Andorra is worth to see the places of interest and the slopes, as well.

The main square of Begur is the most important place for people to meet and enjoy the numerous events over all year. Always when any event takes a place the stage is prepared on the square where the life music or DJ of the rock or pop music band perform. The dance Sardana – traditional local dance is always enjoyed by every one not only Begur native. The most important and biggest event through the year is Fiesta Indiana (the second weekend in Sept). The thousands of people not only from the neighbourhood, Barcelona, but as well from other Spanish places and from France and other countries are coming to enjoy and have a fun during this weekend. The city is decorated and the different events, concerts, dancing, performances are hold during the whole weekend. The cocktails are available everywhere and the main one is Mojito. Everyone is wearing white cloth and the huts.

The city Begur was an important region where the cork was produced, the olives grown and manufactured and the vineyards of the Emporda region. Still the great wines are produced here. The wine lovers can visit some of the family vineyards and the big wine store GRAU in Palafrugell. As well, the small family olive farms can be visited. The owners will show and explain everything about the olive trees treatment, olives elaborating into the olive oil and cosmetics.

The city Begur is a place preferred to take a rest by some VIPs of sports and culture life not from Barcelona and Spain only, but from France, USA or Latin America.  This fact is thanks to effort of the local and exclusive tourists show the respect and keep it in a special way of secret. Therefore, the level of tourism is different here than on the other places of Costa Brava surroundings Barcelona known by the typical massive tourism. The more demanding visitor preferring the comfort, little places, choice of the beaches, restaurants and individual, free tourism, can only enjoy this magic place. Secure, quite place without any big disco clubs with noisy young tourists, no big buses bringing big organized groups of tourists.

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Romantické městečko Begur

Romantické městečko Begur nacházející se v srdci oblasti Emporda je se svými plážemi jedním z nejhezčích míst pobřeží Costa Brava.



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